White Gold Himroo Shawl

White Gold Himroo Shawl


This is truly an heirloom shawl. Himroo is a technique of handweaving that was patronised by the royals of India since the 13th century. However, over the past 2 decades it had struggled to survive and was almost extinct. LoomKatha started the Himroo Revival Project in 2019 and has succeeded in training a small group of women to weave as well as re-created some vintage Himroo designs. 

This shawl is made using a traditional design called "Batashe Ka Jaal" inspired by the Batasha (dessert) moulds of olden times


At present, all our Himroo shawls are woven on pre-order only. You will receive your shawl within 3 months of placing your order. We will send you regular updates on email.

  • Dimensions

    This shawl is 2m long and 34" wide

  • Care

    Dry clean only

    An easy way to care for your shawl is to steam iron it on silk setting after wear, saving it from frequent washes

  • Material

    Silk and cotton interwoven