"Himroo: The Finest Fabric of the Deccan"
~ Marco Polo
Himroo is a luxurious handwoven brocade fabric made with silk and cotton yarns. It was brought to Aurangabad by Sultan Mohammad bin Tughlaq, when he shifted his capital from Delhi to Aurangabad in the 13th century. The name originated from the Persian word Hum-ruh which means 'similar'. This is because Himroo is similar to the Persian “kinkhwab” fabric. It was borne out of the interaction between Persian weavers and the local weavers of nearby Paithan. Himroo designs are traditionally ornate in nature with paisleys, marigolds, vines and fruit being popular motifs.
The Himroo Revival Project
Himroo's popularity grew with Mughal rule and reached its pinnacle during the reign of the Nizams of Hyderabad who ruled over Aurangabad until the mid-1900s. However, post Independence, the craft has been gradually in decline and appears to have died out completely in the last 10 years. The challenge of this monumental revival project has been taken up by LoomKatha, a social enterprise working for the economic empowerment of handloom weavers. Over the last 1 year, we have re-started some of the defunct looms and trained a small group of women weavers.  The products have been highly appreciated and our work has been featured in Hand/Eye Magazine and the Marigold Diary Blog
The Impact of COVID-19: An Appeal
Just as our project was all set to scale-up, the pandemic crisis hit India. Production has been completely stalled but we continue to pay our weavers a stipend. We launched the #kaamnotdaan campaign on Instagram to book pre-orders for our weavers. The response was amazing and has provided us a much-needed lifeline to tide by March and April. However, Aurangabad has now been declared a RED zone. We anticipate that weaving will be disrupted for 2 months more and we desperately need income of Rs 2 lakhs (USD 3000) to stay afloat.
We are looking for pre-orders for the Himroo product range or purchases of our in-stock products from Phulia and Bengal. Please email or WhatsApp us and we will share our entire available catalogue.
Details below:
arushi@loomkatha.in | WhatsApp: + 91 9811723139
Look forward to your support.
Let's not let Himroo die a second time!

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