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Our Story

LoomKatha is a play on the Hindi word "Lok Katha"  meaning "Folk Tale"

~a story of the people, by the people and for the people of India. 

We travel to remote parts of the country to discover the finest and rarest  handloom weaves and bring them to you, directly from the weavers.


Our Mission

Gandhi ji famously said: " I see God in every thread I draw on the spinning wheel."

India is home to over 11 million handloom weavers. We have over 200 different types of indigenous weaves, higher than any country in the world and we produce 95% of the world's handloom fabric.

Yet, sadly, the harsh reality is that most of our weavers live Below Poverty Line.

LoomKatha aims to change this.


Our mission is to re-vitalise the handloom industry of India to one that is sustainable and economically viable for the weavers. We create contemporary, fashionable and smart apparel for today's woman of substance using heritage weaving techniques.








We are presently working with close to a 100 weavers in W. Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. We have been instrumental in reviving the rare Himroo weave of Aurangabad. And next on our list is the Challapalli weave of Andhra. 

When you buy a LoomKatha product you are buying not just a beautiful piece of clothing but also contributing to writing a new success story for the talented, skilled and amazing weavers of our country!

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Heritage Weaves | Modern Styles

Meet The Team

"LoomKatha began in late 2016 when I landed up at my best friend Sidhika's door carrying 2 gunny bags filled with fabrics I had brought back from the artisans of Churu, saying we HAVE to do something with these. Ever-ready for a new adventure, Sidhika instantly agreed. And over 2 cups of strong coffee, the first LoomKatha collection was created! " ~Arushi

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