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LoomKatha X Ashoka – A Dream Team To Die For!

LoomKatha ELM Team
watch the team video here:

LoomKatha has partnered with five Young India Fellows from Ashoka University for a one-year long project. In this project, the Fellows will be instrumental in creating sustainable business models for three textile crafts – Bandhani, Himroo and Mubarakpuri.

Coming from diverse geographical areas and academic disciplines, these younglings are determined individuals, who are ready to create a positive impact in the lives of the hard working weavers.

Over the course of this year, you, dear client, will get to know these interns better. But for now, here’s a brief on the Pancharatnas:

Chitra Nair, is a passionate writer from Bombay who started blogging at the tender age of 12 and is now running a successful blog that amasses 20,000 views worldwide. Her marketing and business acumen leads to out-of-the-box ideas backed by feasibility. Also, her journey at AIESEC nurtured her need to be empathetic and make a positive difference in the world.

Priya Agarwal, is the in-house data-cruncher. She is an Eco-Stats graduate with an edge at Research and Information mining. With her in-depth understanding and strong networking with the textile and handloom industry and her work in the field of crafts and culture economy with an NGO, she comes with a strong drive to dedicate herself to revive handicrafts.

Gaurang Garg brings the elements of technical thinking and calm in chaotic conditions to the team. A Science graduate, his analytical approach and interest in reading gives us the perfect researcher for this project. Moreover, his experience in the social sector with the goal of enriching the cultural aspects of rural India make him a passionate addition.

The marketing enthusiast is Leela Choudhary. Teaming with her superior academic achievement and love for marketing, Leela is well informed about the latest in marketing techniques and keeps herself updated with changing trends. Her negotiation and sales skills involving innovative methods are what give the team an added edge.

Lastly, the bead with the joining string Kanan Shah--who has had previous experience in leadership with various organisations. Her experience with Make a Difference has touched her immensely and ever since it’s been her goal to create a sustainable change. She is also a passionate photographer and is trained and certified by Mr. Alok Daiya.

With such diversity coming our way, we are confident that this dream team o f Eager Beaver Weavers will help LoomKatha and the weavers we work with to even greater heights!

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