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  • The deep blue tones and delicate "bandhani" drop motifs make this a perfect all-day scarf. Pair with a white shirt, black kurta or lime green dress. It looks gorgeous with a range of outfits

    Barkha: Indigo Bandhani Scarf

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    • The delicate bandhani motifs on this product have been made by women artisans in the tiny town of Sujangarh, Rajasthan, India. Nearly all the local women here are skilled in the art of bandhani (tie-dye), a heriditary craft of the region. In recent times, poor agricultural returns and a paucity of other livelihood options has made the women more and more dependent on earnings from this craft as a means of survival. Anecdotal evidence shows that they are often paid as little as Rs 80 ($1.2) a day for nearly 8 hours of work. To learn more about the community visit our fB link: Ek Dot

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