Handwoven Linen Tops

100% Pure Handloom Apparel

Contemporary yet rooted in tradition, we work directly with handloom weavers

across India to co-design each of our exclusive products 

We hope they bring to you the same pride and joy with which they were created. 




Handwoven Scarfs

Our latest collection of scarfs brings together fine silk and linen weave, shibori from remote corners of India


Maheshwari Weave

The sarees in this collection have muted tones and hints of zari for that elegant and sophisticated festive look

Mashru Stripes1.png

Only on LoomKatha!

Mashru is a traditional Indian weave woven with silk and cotton. In recent times, synthetic rayon has replaced silk. We have revived Mashru woven with pure silk yarns for this collection

Katha Corner: Stories of Our Weavers
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